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Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

How to get citizenship in Turkey Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

There are thousands of foreigners who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship and there are many conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship. There are also several ways you can get citizenship in Turkey.

The fastest way to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey:

In August 2017, the Turkish government issued an update on laws concerning foreign investors’ access to Turkish citizenship ( real estate investment )

According to the updated version of the law, “foreign nationals who meet any of the following conditions can obtain Turkish citizenship at the suggestion of the ministry concerned and the approval of the Turkish Council of Ministers:

1-Fixed investment of not less than US $ 2 million, certified by the Ministry of Economy of Turkey

2 – Possession of a property in Turkey worth at least one million US dollars, and pledge not to sell it for three years, with the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development

3. Providing employment opportunities for at least 100 Turkish citizens with the approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

4 – Deposit of $ 3 million for three years, at a bank operating in the Republic of Turkey and with the approval of the General Authority for Banking Supervision

5 – Purchase through the tools of borrowing the State of $ 3 million for three years, and with the approval of the General Secretariat of the Treasury in Turkey

– Acquisition of citizenship from birth in Turkey:

The easiest way to acquire citizenship is to have a person born with a Turkish mother and father

– Nationality by a decision of the competent authority:

The consent of the competent authority to the foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship even if the circumstances of the foreigner comply with all conditions, they will not be able to give nationality unless the Turkish authorities agreed to do so.

One of the most important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship is to live in Turkey for 5 years with a work permit and extend it annually after a work permit, or marriage

These types of applications can be done individually or by mail.

The decision was issued by the Council of Ministers to determine the persons to be granted citizenship as the acquisition of Turkish nationality does not affect the nationality of the husband or wife and after the submission of the application for Turkish nationality will transfer custody of the child to the other spouse with their consent and in the absence of consent will be determined custody of the child in accordance with the judge’s decision Where the mother / father is born If both father and mother have Turkish citizenship together, the children will automatically be accepted as Turkish citizens.

– When you look at all these conditions, the easiest way to get citizenship in Turkey is to own a real estate and get a residence with a 5 year living in Turkey which can be renewed annually while you own a property in Turkey and in this way you will have an investment and you will be able to get Residence permit. Another advantage of this method is obtaining a residence permit with your entire family.

– Restoration of Turkish nationality:

Those who have lost Turkish citizenship in one way can apply for citizenship and become Turkish citizens. This section concerns those who lost their Turkish nationality for political and economic reasons.

– Acquisition of citizenship through marriage:

The easiest and most popular way is to marry a Turkish citizen and obtain Turkish citizenship. However, marrying a Turkish citizen does not give you citizenship directly – only after 3 years of marriage. You can also apply for citizenship through the following conditions:

A) Establish the couple together
B) Stay away from the wrong behaviors that can harm the couple
C) There should be no threat to national security and public order

– The acquisition of Turkish citizenship in exceptional circumstances:

There are other exceptions that grant the Turkish nationality to many people, for example: Turkey’s accession to industrial, scientific, technological, economic, social, sports, cultural and artistic establishments, which is a privileged service for the people sooner or later and an important factor for the advancement of ministries.

– “Businessmen, Democracy and Turkish Citizenship through Investment” – another way to acquire citizenship by making investments and opening businesses in Turkey.
– Nationality may be granted to persons of importance in Turkey.
– It may be granted to persons who have been accepted as immigrants.

Conditions of Turkish nationality

A foreign citizen can obtain citizenship if he fulfills all the following conditions:

1) The applicant must be of majority age.
2) To be residing in Turkey for five years without interruption and not to spend more than 180 days a year.
3) The applicant must prove the documents for the purpose of residence in Turkey. These purposes are:

– Own a property in Turkey
– Establishment of a business in Turkey
– Investment in Turkey
– Moving to Turkey for the purpose of business or commercial company
– Working in Turkey with a work permit
– To marry a Turkish citizen
– I was close to someone who had previously acquired Turkish nationality
– Completion of education fully in Turkey

4) The presence of a disease is an obstacle to public health
5) Be responsible and trustworthy person
6) Must be able to speak an adequate level of Turkish
7) They have income or profession for the same / same subsidy, he / she is in Turkey
8) Respect for national security and public order

All your documents and files will be checked and an interview will be selected. If the committee approves your request, the file is sent to the Ministry of the Interior. Due to the decision to grant citizenship through the Ministry. If rejected, the file will be sent to the governor.

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Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship