Nish İstanbul


نطاق السعر: من عند إلى

مقارنة القوائم

Extraction of residence:

Tebessum provides all types of Turkish residency services, which are divided into:

  • Tourist accommodation: A tourist’s stay in Turkey to tour Turkey and learn about its civilization or for its initial stability.
  • Student residence: This is a residence that is taken for a student studying at a Turkish university
  • Residence Of Work: The residence of the person who wishes to work in Turkey and is divided into two parts:
  1. A worker’s residence: This is an establishment that is extracted by the employer for his worker and is required to be extracted and there is a health insurance paid monthly by the employer
  2. Investor’s residence: This is an establishment that is extracted by the investor when he opens his work in Turkey and is required to extract health insurance at a monthly cost.

Features Of Work placement:

  1. Health insurance that gives the holder a treatment in all government hospitals free of charge.
  2. The pregnant investor benefits from the establishment of the work as a special treatment by the Turkish government as the Turkish state assigns a special telephone number to answer all questions concerning investors to facilitate their procedures with the Turkish state.
  3. The Turkish law allows a person who holds a work visa to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years from the date of its issuance provided that he does not leave the country more than 6 months from the date of the beginning of residence.

Benefits of student residence :

  1. Allowing him to enter his car to Turkey without the customs duty already paid in Turkey for 24 months, after which the car will be demarcated in the garage.
  2. Take advantage of the discount card for public transport provided by the Turkish government to students, through which the student can provide more than half of the wages of transportation such as (Metro – Metrobüs – tramway – bus).

How to process residence papers:

The residence papers in Turkey are different according to their type. The Tebbesum Legal Consultancy and Services Department prepares all the papers in a systematic, fast and easy manner by virtue of their expertise in Turkish legal affairs and the service market.

  1. Collect, translate and certify the applicant’s master papers.
  2. Extracting the papers and requirements of the Turkish government
  3. Take a date of residence in case of tourist or student residence, or submit the file of residence to the state after completing all its requirements in case it was a work establishment.
  4. Receiving the residence of the person who submitted it and giving it to him in condition and quality in Turkey or sent to him if he is outside Turkish territory.