Nish İstanbul


نطاق السعر: من عند إلى

مقارنة القوائم


Tebessum is looking forward to the perfect handling and comfort of her client in terms of receiving him at the airport until his departure, providing him with the appropriate cadre of luxury cars and hotels with a wonderful classification so as not to leave the smile the face of our client.

How to receive

Where the client is received from the Istanbul airport at its Asian and European branches and a special plaque will be published, including the name of the company, with the name of the client and accompany him until he reached the hotel or luxury apartment, which is secured according to the requirements of the customer in advance the best standards to draw the smile and confidence on the face of the customer.

Real Estate Tour

After the reassurance of the client’s comfort, the private property tour that has been pre-prepared in particular is started. If the client does not like any of the investment projects in Tebessum , the company will bear all the expenses of receiving and leaving Istanbul airport and real estate tours.

If it is agreed to buy a property and pay a deposit, Tebessum will pay the following expenses:

Staying for three days with meals.

Reception, departure and transportation fees within Turkey.

Fees for property tours and legal consultations.

Tour and tour fees within Istanbul.

Details and procedures for departure and pre-booking

The customer shall be connected to the airport and stay with him until the completion of all boarding procedures from receiving the boarding pass and stamping the passport and leaving safely .

Note: In order to cover all these expenses, the company requires that the price of the property to be purchased is more than $ 150 thousand and that the coordination is done in advance with the customer section of the company.