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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Medical Services of the Company in Turkey

We offer you the best therapeutic services through the finest hospitals in Istanbul and under the supervision of doctors prof (specialists) in the field of their work and under the supervision of the hospital and within the transparency of the group company through its branch medical services, seeking the success and payment from God and the speedy recovery you divided into three sections :

Department of surgical operations and under the following specialties:
Orthopedic Surgery:

It includes the installation of artificial joints and industrial knee and the extension of the foot and leg and legs and the facility attached to the technology of the device of the internal Izarov as recommended by the doctor so

Neurosurgery: Resection of brain tumor tumors after either chemotherapy or gamma (GAMMA KNİFE)
Conduct hernia operations of the neck and back
Cardiovascular Surgery: open and closed heart surgery, heart transplantation, battery implantation and heart enlargement
Internal Surgery: This section includes several sections related to each other, the most important of which are:
Liver Transplant: If the liver is infected by cirrhosis or cirrhosis or failure in its important functions, the doctor in charge of agriculture shall decide on the patient’s prior procedures and in coordination with a special body of the Turkish Ministry of Health to ensure the safety of the carrier and the carrier.
Kidney transplantation: In the event of renal failure or renal failure, a team is also formed to study its condition and then decide the outcome and other internal and internal diseases in this area.
Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery: Repair and Implantation of Otolaryngology and Rhinoplasty and Tracheal Tumors of the Throat
Chest surgery: Chest operations and angina
Urinary Surgery: Treatment of erection, bladder operations, urinary tract infections, prostate and infertility treatment (tube child)
Ophthalmology: Corneal transplantation, eye retinal operations, laser operations, and partial ocular problems of the eye
Oral and maxillofacial surgery
Cosmetic surgery: Liposuction, slimming, minimizing and minimizing procedures with the latest modern equipment and partial and holistic beauty
Special section for hair transplant with medical staff dedicated to this area

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