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متوسط السعر اخر المواضيع من المدونة إلى

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Definition of the medical service : It is a field of social service harnesses its objectives within the medical, health and rehabilitation institutions for preventive and therapeutic purposes practiced by specialists trained and qualified in this field and is in close relationship with health, medical and social fields.

tebessum assigns a socially and technically qualified staff who will be responsible for all medical services within the health institutions in Turkey, whether governmental or private, based on the patient’s desire to make a social change and contribute to the special team in the rehabilitation of patients and enable their adaptation and social integration and work to improve their conditions Health, God willing.

Objective of the medical service:

Helping patients, whether individuals or groups, to address their problems through their basic roles aimed at identifying and defining problems.

Exploring the reasons and then contributing to the formulation of a plan of action for professional intervention to achieve the therapeutic goal beside preventive and rehabilitation.

Help the patient to take advantage of treatment methods.

Help the patient to take advantage of treatment methods.

To overcome the difficulties facing the patient and the impact of the disease on the patient and his family and society.

Modifying the wrong methods in which the patient lives in certain environments.

Help the  doctor and nursing staff to look at the patient’s conditions by connecting the hospital to the outside community and institutions.

How to communicate with tebessum

Where the company communicates with the company through the social networking services through its website through the window of the medical services or Facebook, where the company provides a service to inquire about the patient’s condition and the consequences of the disease and the required medical procedures through reports sent to the company  e-mail and the patient’s benefit After a short period of time as required by the recommendations of Turkish doctors in Turkey.

How to come to Turkey to follow the treatment:

To inform the patient of the necessary medical procedures to communicate with the hospital and equipment to receive the patient in normal cases, how to receive at the airport by raising the board of the company Tbesm written on the name of the patient is accompanied by a VIP car either to the hospital if it was urgent or to the apartment or The hotel is in accordance with the agreement to be concluded between the company and the patient.

The march of treatment in Turkey:

Different cases of treatment in Turkey from one person to another person according to the disease, there are many cases are treated within a short period of time united by the patient’s own structure as it can the ability to combat the disease psychologically because the psychological factor is a key factor to resist the disease and overcome weakness and delusions, The result of a specific member goes to the different areas of the body. The technical crew of the company accompanies the patient from the beginning of his arrival to Turkey until his departure includes a preview of the doctors and other therapeutic services, and there are difficult cases that require staying in Turkey for a period of approximately three months or more is subject to Her patient’s ivory is within a time plan by doctors and medical staff.

Therapeutic program:

The treatment program consists of medical and tourist treatment. The medical treatment is limited to the hospital program, where some recreational trips within the city of Istanbul are accompanied by visits to the tourist places to entertain the patient and help him to forget his illness. The tourist treatment is often outside Istanbul in sulfur water places such as Yalova, Remote.

We offer you the best treatment through the best hospitals in Istanbul and under the supervision of doctors from the degree of Prof specialists in their field of work, under the supervision of the hospital and within the transparency of the group company through its branch of medical services, seeking success and payment from God and speedy recovery.