Nish İstanbul


نطاق السعر: من عند إلى

مقارنة القوائم

Turkey’s most promising investment has been one of the most important global investment stations in the last ten years, where the Arab citizen wants to invest in Turkey Donna for other countries for many reasons and the most important security and guaranteed profit and historical history and climate suitable for life and many other reasons as well.

Therefore,tebessum was for you and for a safe investment, and until the safe investment is not limited to the purchase of the property only, but also to administer a correct and frank management for the mumtk and here laid the foundation of the foundations that serve its client and make him reassured about his property in Turkey where it was.

To be tebessum of your comfort partner and the source of your smile always put in your hands all the means of real estate security in terms of management of your property.


The Department of Real Estate is divided into the following sections:

Pioneers of the site of the company

In general it is not limited to the special customers of Tebessum and anyone can benefit from it as follows:

Include your property as a flat, house, hotel, land or other large or small real estate for sale and rent.

Take advantage of the professional map that makes it easy for you to market your property in a clear way.

Take advantage of free real estate consultation for your property by contacting us and help us to provide you with the necessary advice on the time of presentation of the property and choose the right price for him or her rent or sale.

Customer Service

This service is available only to the purchasers of the company and includes after-acquisition services:

Easy of design and modification of the decoration and mattresses in the apartment or home by the team of tebessum.

Renting and investing property.

Property follow-up service up to delivery.

Ensuring the repayment of the remaining loans.

Payment service monthly payments for the client in his / her wish.

Sale of real estate at best prices.

Note: These services are carried out through an official contract between Tabas Real Estate and the client by the Tebessum Legal Consultancy Department.