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In the last five years, Turkey has witnessed a major investment boom, particularly in the real estate sector in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, making Turkey a major investment station globally.

Real estate investment is one of the most important types of investment desired by all segments of the society, and as far as it is concerned, it is one of the most investment types that needs a scientific study and a clear plan. Here, Real Estate was at the top of the pyramid of excellence by virtue of its presence in the Gulf investment market over the years. To put this investment experience in your hands with regard to investment and investors in Turkey.

Offering all kinds of real estate investments for all types of investments such as hotels, palaces, residential and commercial recidence, commercial towers, commercial recidence (mall), apartments and land.

The Real Estate Development Group provides the investor with the best consulting services as follows:

View the information about the leading property and invest it and establish a successful strategy through the opinion and desire of the investor of this property.

Disclosure of all information about the property from the legal aspects first and profitability second and provide the best plans to make this property successful and investment effectively returns to the owner of the great benefit, God willing.

Steps to provide real estate investment service:

Excellent logistic and field research on investment.

Puting  the investor’s wishes in the priorities of research and the development of studies.

Preparing the feasibility study and the economic feasibility of investing in a professional and scientific manner.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of investment.

Note: TEBESSUM, a specialist in the field of real estate consultancy, undertakes these steps in all types of investments so that the investor will have a great deal of comfort and comfort in dealing with TEBESSUM