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Real Estate Development: It is a wonderful idea of creativity and profitability if it is made in a scientific and thoughtful manner, so it separated between the development of real estate developer and real estate developer.
Real estate development: is the investment project or creative idea real estate that reap the real profits of the investor such as construction and modification of the construction and investment of agricultural land and land for reconstruction with the best winning projects.

The real estate developer: is a group of people or company that transform the idea of real estate development into reality on the ground through a thorough study of the project and the formulation of modern ideas suitable for this project in a correct plan reflected on the ground.
The real estate developer is the perfect link between the real estate developer and the project manager. He is not a real estate consultant or a contractor. He is the development manager of the entire project. He starts the project from its inception until the end of the project as marketing for sale

Tabas Real Estate Developer: The real estate development in Tabasam is divided into:

Projects within the cities of new buildings and renovation of the old buildings in the tourist and commercial areas known and investment of this property in the long term in terms of rapid yield and price increase.

Projects promising new areas inside and outside Turkey, which is the investment of large and medium-sized land with mega-projects as it owns real estate and projects ready for real estate development, God willing, more than $ 2 milyar, only in Istanbul.

Elements of real estate development:

Investor or owner of capital for real estate development.

The port is a construction engineering contracting company that executes the project.

The real estate developer: is the link between the investor and the executor, who manages the project in full from and to provide the feasibility study and economic feasibility of the project, which oversees the implementation step by step, which is marketing the project until it is sold by God’s permission.

Real Estate Development Services:

Explain Istanbul investment to investors in the best known areas of economic growth.

Choose the right investment from private land to develop and develop it as a successful project.

Conducting a feasibility study and defining objectives and tasks in detail.

The implementation of the real estate development project by the Department of the Turkish market to implement the project.

Marketing the project in the best way and in all the branches of the spread in the Gulf and Turkey.