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The increase Of Turkish support for the Turkish Torrent project

The increase Of Turkish support for the Turkish Torrent project

Turkish Torrent Project
Public support for the Turkish natural gas pipeline project has risen to 75 percent in 2017 from 56 percent in 2015, according to new surveys by an independent firm.

According to the results of the company’s independent survey, “Strategico”, the Turkish people believe that the Turkish Torrent project will benefit the country.

The Turkish pipeline will run across the Black Sea from Russia to Turkey, but will also extend to Turkey’s borders with neighboring countries. The Turkish market is expected to supply one pipeline, while a second pipeline will carry gas to south and south-east Europe, each with a capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

The Turkish pipeline will start from Anapa town on the Black Sea in southern Russia and will cut a 900-kilometer route under the Black Sea until it reaches Turkey’s Thrace region along the Black Sea coast.

The poll, conducted by telephone interviews with 2,400 participants, showed that 68 percent of the Turkish community in northwestern cities such as Tekirdag, Adrenna and Kirkclare agreed to the project.

Turkey’s contribution to securing energy supplies, opportunities to expand the use of natural gas as an energy source as well as other economic benefits were the main reason for the support that emerged from the outcome of the referendum, the company said.

In addition, the approval of the Turkish community on the use of natural gas has also increased, the company pointed out that while this support was 57 percent again in 2015, current support jumped to 87 percent, and this support also reflected the construction of transport pipelines The new natural gas in the country.

At the present time in 2017, 85 percent of public and regional opinion has become positive about these projects.

“Looking at regional developments, the first pipeline of the Turkish Torrent project, which will transport gas directly to Turkey and reduce the risk of gas transportation, will play a major role in the energy security of Turkey,” said Mohamed Ogucho, president of Bosphorus Energy Club. The results are very important to us. ”

Source: Turk Press


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