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Therapeutic program of plastic surgery

Therapeutic program of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most extensive medical surgeries performed for functional or aesthetic purposes. It is a simple concept to restore the balance and balance of a part of the body by restoring beauty measures for this part.

Cosmetic surgery is based on several pillars, including:

The patient must be free from chronic diseases in terms of health to ensure the success of the process.
The surgeon who will try the operation must be trained and specialized in its beauty
The type of surgery where the most appropriate for him in terms of the surgeon’s potential and the condition of the patient and where the surgery will be conducted.
The place where the operation will take place must be fully equipped and contain all that the surgeon needs.
The company provides medical services for plastic surgery, the most important of which are:

Hair Transplant
Face Lift
Eyelid tightening
Botox injections
Plasma Injection
Lift forehead and eyebrows
Beautify and enlarge the lips and minimized
Tighten and enlarge the chest
Reconstructing the chin, cheek and jaw
Cosmetic surgery
Price list :

The price of any cosmetic procedure varies from case to case depending on several things

1-The type of operation or action that will be done.
2-The type of user downtime is full or topical.
3-The hospital where the operation will be performed.
4-Will the patient need a hospital stay or not?
The cost of the operation is determined after the medical consultation

Therapeutic program for hair transplantation : 

Hair Transplant :

Tebessum Medical Company offers a therapeutic program for hair transplantation to its visitors, where it examines the condition of the person who wants hair transplantation by sending pictures of the vacuum in the head to the social networking sites of the company and then determine the number of bulbs to be planted and determine the material cost for it.

After that, the patient will send a copy of the plane ticket and a copy of the passport to be booked the hotel allocated to him and send a private car from the airport to the hotel for three days with breakfast and food.

After the process of agriculture and complete it safely and take the necessary instructions and recommendations from the doctor and before the date of the patient’s trip to his country and the company Tbesm tourist trip in Istanbul to the archaeological sites and holy.

Hair transplant prices range from $ 1,450 to $ 1,700, varying depending on the services offered to the patient, hair transplantation with a four-day stay at the hotel with leisure tourism on the fourth day to the airport and a financial cost of $ 1,650.

Hair transplantation only with the provision of meals during hair transplantation with airport transportation from and to the center and financial cost of $ 1450.

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