Tourist places in Istanbul

Tourist places in Istanbul

Tourist places in Istanbul

Istanbul, since ancient times, was known as Constantinople, Byzantium, Astana and Islampol. It is considered the largest tourism city in Turkey and the second largest city in the world. It was the capital of many countries and empires as it was the capital of the Roman Empire, followed by Byzantine, where it was its capital, then Latin, and finally, the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

But after the establishment of the Turkish Republic and the transfer of the capital to Ankara, Istanbul nevertheless maintains its strong position in modern Turkey, being the backbone of the economy in Turkey, as it is a center of attraction for tourists. On the other hand, it is of great importance to the economic movement, and cultural and moral values at the global level, not only Turkish.

“If the world were one country, its capital would be Istanbul undisputed.” These are the words inaugurated by the most famous French leader, Napoleon Bonaparte.

It is a beautiful and ancient city: from the western side of its Bosphorus strait, and its natural harbor, the “Golden Horn” (Haliç or Altın Boynuz), Europe begins and from the east is Asia or “Anatolia”, and it is the only city in the world that spans two continents.

In this article, we will talk about the most important tourist places in Istanbul:

  • Taksim

It is very difficult to be in Istanbul and not pass Taksim Square even once. The square took its name from the city’s old water distribution station, whose use ceased a century ago, in which the square and the neighborhoods around it continued to be used as the cultural center of the country.

The most important streets that flow into the square to make it one of the most important tourist areas of Istanbul is Istiklal Street, which is lively and rich in what it offers to tourists from cafes and restaurants, not to mention the experience of shopping and lively urban roaming.

And there is the Republic Monument. Given the location of the square in the city center, the presence of the monument, which is a tourist landmark, and the large number of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and public transportation in the surrounding area, the square and the neighborhood in which it is located are a favorite destination for tourists in the city.

As distinguishing the division of the old means of transportation:

The old tramway is a train used as a means of transportation from Taksim Square to Istiklal Street, to the old Tunnel area and to the Galta Tower, which is one of the most famous historical monuments in Istanbul.

Galata Tower:

Galata Tower is located in the Galata neighborhood, hence its name, built in 528, until it became one of the most important tourist symbols of Istanbul, and everyone who climbs to the top of the tower can see the Istanbul Bridge connecting the Asian and European sections, as well as the Gulf Bridge clearly, and in a panoramic manner.

The story says: It is the place that Hazfran Ahmed Shalabi, who lived in the seventeenth century, chose to try the first attempt to fly, through the artificial wings that he separated and installed himself.

The legend says: In 1632, Shalaby, on a day with southwesterly winds, installed artificial wings, and was able to fly from Galata Tower to Uskudar, covering a distance of 3,358 meters, to be one of the most prominent Turkish figures who tried to fly.

  • Obelisk of Thutmose III (Theodosius):

The obelisk of “Thutmose III” remained in Alexandria for a short period, before it was transferred to Istanbul (it was called at that time Constantinople) by the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius.

Despite the passage of thousands of years since the establishment of the obelisk, it is still largely intact, except for the Byzantine part that was slightly damaged as a result of transportation, and the hieroglyphic words (the ancient Egyptian language) appear clearly on it, and tell the victories of the Egyptian King Thutmose III in the Battle of the Euphrates.

Dikeli Tash or “Theodosius Obelisk” is located at the southern end of Sultanahmet Mosque Square, known as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

The obelisk was first made by the Egyptian pharaoh “Tutmosis III” in the fifteenth century BC. The real length of the obelisk is 30 meters, but it was damaged and vandalized during its transportation from Egypt, so its current length is 18.45 meters.

  • Ortakoy:

Ortakoy is located within the Bektaş district of Istanbul, in the middle of the European bank of the Bosphorus.

And gathered on its land the sons of the three monotheistic religions, Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

There is also a popular market in the area, “Ortakoy pazzare”, which is considered one of the most prominent and famous landmarks of the area. The area is also characterized by small huts lined up next to each other, which serve a variety of foods such as grilled potatoes and waffles.

The area has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus Strait and the suspension bridge, especially at night when the bridge is lit up in various distinctive colors.

In a direct view of the Bosphorus and under the shade of its bridge lies Ortaköy, which is famous for its distinctive popular foods, which gives it its own character. On the coast of Ortakoy, there are “waffle” and “kumpir” dessert kiosks, allowing visitors who want to eat them to sit in front of the strait in a simple way, as the coast extends with popular squares for more than a thousand meters containing chairs and terraces directly on the bay.

  • Bride’s Hill:

Çamlıca hill To take memorial photos with their loved ones, to keep an everlasting memory between them.

Çamlica is divided into two hills, one of which is 38 m higher than the other. It is called Buyuk Çamlica, meaning the largest Çamlica, with a height of 267 m, above sea level, and the other is “Kuchuk Çamlica”, which is the smallest, with a height of 229 m, above sea level. The sea, the largest hill offers very beautiful views, being the highest, the main waterways in Istanbul are seen, such as the Bosphorus Bridge on the Black Sea, the Princess Islands on the Sea of ​​Marmara, the historical “Eminonu” Peninsula, in addition to the snow-covered “Uludag” mountain, It is near Bursa, and even the smaller Çamlica is no less than the larger Çamlıca, full of wonderful gardens, beautiful forests, and walking paths.

Many people go to the hill of brides, to escape the pressures of daily life, and to breathe the fresh air.

Who floats on the colorful “tulips”, to spread their fragrance in the atmosphere of the hill.

By an involuntary act, a deep breath is taken, with which the body regains its vitality and activity.

Where festivals are held, especially near the tulips.

There are many restaurants, cafes, kiosks, and places for barbecue parties.

It gets crowded, especially on the weekends.

  • Baghdad Street :

Bagdat Caddesi Street is one of the most famous and oldest streets in Istanbul. It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul within the boundaries of Kadıköy municipality, and thus is a counterpart to Istiklal Street, which is located in the European part of Istanbul, extending 6 km from the Bostanci area to Kizil Toprak, this street is crowded For tourists, it includes a selection of the most famous Turkish and international fashion brands, spread along this street with waterfalls and prayer places dating back to the Ottoman era.

The name dates back to the Ottoman era when Sultan Murad IV seized Baghdad in the seventeenth century. The street, which was used for trade and military purposes, was named after the city.

There are five things you should know about Baghdad Street:

1- It is the longest street in Istanbul for shopping and buying all kinds of supplies. Baghdad Street is one of the most important areas from which wedding and wedding dresses are bought. In most stores, you can get your model at excellent prices, where you can get the best suits at a price of 3 or 4 Thousands of liras, famous designers and Turkish brands are the strongest in the market.

2- While you are roaming the long street, you can at any moment find a place to drink coffee and eat.

3- You can spend a full day of shopping, dining, wandering in parks and green spaces, and attending night and cultural events without ever having to go outside.

4- The street is the perfect place to attend sports matches, especially for the Turkish league, as the atmosphere of interaction there is unlike any other place, and the victorious team often visits it in a popular tour at the end of the league.

5- Most international annual events, such as New Year’s Day and national holidays, have a special presence on Baghdad Street through special ceremonies that differ from all other places. Sports events and international competitions are also organized.

  • Haydarpaşa Railway Station:

Istanbul Haydarpaşa Train Station is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and is the main, largest, and oldest railway station in Turkey. It was built in the early twentieth century and was supervised by German engineers. A statue was erected confirming the compatibility of German-Turkish relations at that time, rising It has a tower with a Baroque clock on its top. The interior is decorated with colored windows, wreaths, and landscapes. Its grandiose sandstone facade overlooks Kadikoy Bay.

The first trip from Istanbul to Baghdad was from Haydarpasha Station in 1908 during the reign of Abdul Hamid II, who had laid the foundation stone for the station on May 30, 1906. Haydar Pasha formed the beginning of the railway linking Istanbul and Baghdad and is located in the Kadi district. Koy in Istanbul.

The name of the station “Haydar Pasha” was taken from the name of one of the leaders of Sultan Selim III, in appreciation of his courage and devotion to the Ottoman state. The station was inaugurated by a German company, which added to it a port for loading and unloading trailers loaded with goods, to be a commercial station in addition to being a passenger transport station. Sultan Abdul Hamid had not planned this, but he accepted and praised the idea of the German company.

  • Girl’s Tower:

The faithful guard of the entrance to the Bosphorus and the most famous symbol among the symbols and landmarks of Istanbul (Kız Kulesi), or as the Arabs call it (The Girl’s Tower). The smallest tower in the history of the ancient city and the largest carrier of legends, tales and stories.

He does not know exactly when and who built the tower and why, but it is certain today that he is the master of one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole world, the meeting place of lovers. The tower is located on the Asian side of Istanbul between the (Uskudar) and (Harem) area on the beach opposite old Istanbul, where the Istanbul sun sets in its arms.

One of the most famous accounts tells that it was built on the rocky island at the entrance to the Bosphorus by order of a king who lived before BC. The prophecies told him that his only daughter would die from a snake bite, and to protect his daughter from any possible danger, he isolated her on the island at sea and built a castle for her to protect her. And she lived there until the disease attacked her and made her sit and bewildered by the wise men, without finding a cure for her until one of the wise men suggested to him that the grapes would help her heal and the snake came with the grape basket and wrote the end of the girl as the prophecies predicted and she died with his bite, and the tower kept telling the story of the poor girl who lived in a show Strait.

But the tales about its fame do not explain how the tower was built and from where the island came to the width of the strait. Some narrations say that the small island is natural, and others say that man made it out of rocks at sea.

In the days of the Byzantine rule of the region, the island was used as a station for ships and was called the Small Castle, and after the conquest of Constantinople, a wooden tower was built over the island and then devoured by fire in 1719, until the chief architect in the country at the time (Ibrahim Pasha) built a steel and built his dome for him. Sultan Abdul Aziz built a watchtower on it to serve him during the war, and Sultan Mehmed II used it as a library and built for it its remaining pillar until now that protects it from erosion.

During the era of the Turkish Republic, the tower was used for quarantine, and when electricity entered the first broadcast from it, before its use gradually stopped. In 2000, the tower was opened to be a restaurant in addition to being a shrine for tourists who wish to view the tower from the inside. And to go to the restaurant in it, you have to book before your arrival, as it serves lunch, dinner, weddings and iftar trips in Ramadan, and its menu consists of old Ottoman food in a luxurious manner and upscale service.

  • Princesses Islands :

Princes’ Islands, Princes’ Islands (Prins Adalar), or the Red Islands (Kızıl Adalar), sometimes called simply (Adalar), while the Arabs include it as the “Princesses Island”.

Princesses Island has been called this name since the Byzantine period, as it was considered an exile for all princes, kings, and sultans, and the Ottomans seized it in 1453 AD.

This group of islands is located in the Sea of Marmara and belongs to the province of Istanbul, where the islands are located off the coast of this province. The sizes of these nine islands vary, but their total area is 15.85 square kilometres. Five of these islands are only residential, as many of Istanbul’s rich spend their holidays in the Princes’ Islands, far from the noise of the city.

It consists of nine main islands that vary in size, and they are as follows:

  1. Buyuk ada: It has an area of about 5.46 km², and this island is considered one of the most popular tourist islands of the Princesses.
  2. Hebeliada (Saddlebag Island): It has an area of about 2.4 km².
  3. Burgazada: Its area is about 1.5 km².
  4. Canada: It has an area of 1.3 km².
  5. Shells: an area of 0.157 km².
  6. Yaslasda: It has an area of about 0.05 km².
  7. Sifriada: Its area is about 0.05 km².
  8. Cassack shells: an area of about 0.006 km².
  9. Tavazasen Asdaf: It has an area of about 0.004 km².

  1. Princesses Island Restaurants
  • Mitlo: It is a restaurant overlooking the sea, and serves distinct and delicious types of seafood and grilled food, and cold drinks.
  • Luna Park: This restaurant is considered one of the most luxurious restaurants on the island, overlooks the sea, and features a large and spacious garden.
  • Kochem: It is one of the very famous popular restaurants on the island, where it serves delicious meat and appetizers, and popular Turkish sweets such as Kemal Pasha.
  • Milan: Milano Restaurant is considered one of the most beautiful and luxurious restaurants, offering all kinds and types of delicious food, and the famous and traditional Turkish sweets.

The sea route to it is also interesting: while traveling from Istanbul to the Princess Islands, you can see the tourist monuments and the breathtaking nature, as the ship passes under the Bosphorus Bridge, and from the deck you can see magnificent boats adjacent to luxury hotels and historical castles near the majestic palaces.

Tourists can reach Princesses Island through many small ports in Istanbul, such as Kabatas Port, in addition to the possibility of moving between large islands by sea buses, but there are many problems that the visitor faces when traveling to it in the winter, such as the difficulty of navigating through ports and sea buses. In the winter because of the bitter cold in it.

Movement within the islands is carried out by horse-drawn carts or by bicycle.

  • Miniature Turkey Landmarks:

Miniatürk bears all the qualities of splendor and beauty, in miniature, so that it is called “mini Turkey”. It is actually a garden, museum, park, restroom, art, culture and absolute fun like no other, located in the “Sutluja” area on the northeastern shore of the Golden Horn in Istanbul, and it was opened on May 2, 2003.

“Minaturk” contains a wonderful large garden, which the eye enjoys watching, but what makes the place more wonderful is the presence of accurate models of Turkish landmarks, dating back thousands of years, where their models can be seen at 1/25 of the original size of the landmark, and from which they provide an idea for the tourist about all the tourist attractions In Istanbul, so that he can choose and take a glimpse of the places he wants to visit in Istanbul and Anatolia, and even some other landmarks that distinguished the Ottoman Empire.

It is located on an area of 60,000 square meters and is considered one of the largest miniature parks in the world. It contains vast areas of ponds and waterways and 500 parking spaces. The Minia Turk park contains about 105 miniature models belonging to forty-five structures, including miniature models of landmarks in Istanbul And another 45 from the Anatolian region and another 15 from the Ottoman lands that are currently located outside Turkey

The museum offers its visitors the service of hearing historical information about the effects of stereoscopic audio in nine languages: Turkish, English, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Persian, Japanese and Spanish.

Museum visitors also enjoy a tour of the open air, in places designated for picnics for families and children. The place is suitable for those who are tired of closed spaces and prefer open spaces, and find them in the museum overlooking the shores of the Gulf of the Golden Horn.

  • Aminonu:

It was called by this name due to the presence of the maritime customs and the customs secretariat there in the Ottoman era.

Eminonu is located on the tip of a historical peninsula that contains hundreds of historical monuments, including Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, and Topkapi Palace. It is one of the most important landmarks and tourist attractions in Istanbul today because of its great importance for visitors to Istanbul. The importance of Eminonu district is due to the fact that it was the heart of the walled city from Constantinople has a long history and contains traces of this ancient history

Among the most important and prominent features of Eminonu Square are the beautiful and diverse popular restaurants, and the square was historically famous for selling fresh grilled fish, as there are many small shops, which are stalls selling grilled fish, and these mobile and small restaurants are a major factor in attracting Turks and tourists to the square.

The boats are attached to each other, where the fish is grilled, and placed inside Turkish bread with vegetables, for Turkish and Arab visitors to grab.

The boats designed in a heritage form, which include several domes in the Ottoman style, carry on board a number of workers who are busy grilling fish and preparing sandwiches on demand, to be transferred to the customers’ tables, frequently and regularly around the clock.

  • Besiktas:

Besiktas is one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city that gained its identity as a residential area in the era of the Ottoman Empire and includes several historical towns such as Bebek Welds, Ortakoy, Koro Cesme, and Arnavutkoy. Besiktas neighborhood is characterized by a wonderful and integrated handful of educational, health, and entertainment services, in addition to its richness in tourism and sports.

Bekstaş neighborhood hosts many important historical and religious places, which makes it one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Istanbul. Modern Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The neighborhood also includes the Maritime Museum, which displays a collection of antiquities and marine tools used in the era of the Ottoman Empire, in addition to Majidiye Mosque, Yildiz Mosque, and Ortakoy Mosque, one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Turkey.

  • Silivri:

Silivri is a famous neighborhood in Istanbul, located along the Marmara Sea in Turkey. It has a wonderful location overlooking the sea, and tourists come from all over.

The region is bordered by Büyükçekmece to the east, Çatalca to the north, Çorlu, Marmara Ereğli and the districts of Tekirdağ to the west, and the Marmara Sea To the south.

Silivri is the second largest district in Istanbul after Catalca, and it is about 65 km from Istanbul, and there are regular sea bus services from Istanbul to Silivri. This region is famous as a distinct tourist destination in Istanbul for holidays.

It has a large complex that combines all the entertainment and luxury methods under its roof, where you will find restaurants, clubs that offer interesting shows, health centers, and fitness centers.

It is also the focus of the attention of wealthy Turks who want to spend their summer vacation in villas overlooking the sea, away from the noise of the city.

  • Gardens:

The city of Istanbul in Turkey is a large garden, rich in nature, charming with its features, and charming in all its details. It is not strange in that. In terms of gardens and parks only, we find that Istanbul embraces a bouquet of the most beautiful gardens and green parks that embrace the seawater in the famous Bosphorus Strait.

It will be talked about in a separate article through this link. The 6 most famous parks in Istanbul

  • Mosques:

Istanbul is characterized by containing the largest number of mosques in the world in general and Turkey in particular, as the number of mosques in Turkey is 84,000, where Istanbul takes the largest part of them, and the number of mosques in it is 3,269 mosques

It will be talked about in a separate article through this link 10 Most Famous Mosques in Istanbul

  • The most famous museums in Istanbul:

Istanbul is not an ordinary city. Whatever we talk about, we cannot accurately convey the truth of its charm. It is the capital of the most powerful empires. Today, it is a modern tourist destination that embraces a long history through a large number of Istanbul’s distinctive museums. We will go on a wonderful tour among these many museums to choose the best ones to live the ancient heritage of Istanbul.

It will be talked about in a separate article through this link “The most famous museums in Istanbul

  • Palaces:

The Ottoman legacy varies between palaces, mosques, fountains, Turkish baths, public facilities and towers, but the most beautiful and splendid are mosques, followed by palaces. Very splendor and excellence of the finest Ottoman palaces.

The most famous Ottoman palaces in Istanbul will be discussed in a separate article through this link

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